Market Fresh Produce owns and operates a packing facility in Tampa, FL. Both of these facilities are strategically located to receive fresh produce, pack in a timely manner and deliver to customers to ensure the farm to fork freshness.   Market Fresh has nationwide partners that pack in the MFP brand and uphold the MFP quality assurance process. All facilities are staffed with quality personnel and consider them as a vital part of the MFP team.

MFP Tampa

Our newly acquired tomato re-pack facility in Florida creates a whole new world of opportunity and allows us to better SERVE our customers.

The tomatoes are hand graded by color, size and quality year round. We have our hands and eyes on the product at all times in order to ensure the best quality and flavor available.


Market Fresh Produce offers nationwide distribution with 1-2 days guaranteed delivery. The MFP Florida facility delivers within the SE region - Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina, and parts of Kentucky, Tennessee, and Mississippi. Our team can custom tailor a program to your specific needs, allowing a one-of-a-kind package just for you!

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