Nixa, MO – Market Fresh Produce, LLC

Market Fresh Produce is excited to announce a new offering in our avocado line! We strive to make our products worth every cent for our customers by improving our items.

Our newest item is a single layer of bulk avocados that can be packed with any size avocado. We typically have a 60-count size that holds 30 avocados in a case, and a 48-count size that holds 24 avocados in a case. This will help reduce waste at store level through offering half the amount of fruit in each box. The new packaging will ensure rotation of the product to improve freshness for our consumers. The inventory levels will also be reduced as the retail stores will carry less units, based on their sales volumes.

According to the Hass Avocado Board, over the past year, we have seen a growth in avocado sales. It is believed some of the responsibility for this is due to more health benefits being associated with avocados. Heart health, fullness and hunger control, healthy aging, eye, brain health, and so much more have all been added to the benefits of avocados. Promote healthy life styles with our new single layer of bulk avocados!

At Market Fresh, we are always looking to continue to innovate and expand on our current packaging offer our customers the best options for their business. Continue to follow us as we look forward to now news, products and ideas! Visit us at

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