Spring is finally here, and Summer is just around the corner. At Market Fresh, we are especially excited because it means Athena Melons are back in season! We pride ourselves on providing melon varieties that produce sweeter flavors. We complete regular onsite field visits, inspect product, and we supply throughout the entire season. Market Fresh uses fresh water float pools to provide additional sanitation steps and cooling processes while reducing bruising during packing. We make sure all our growers use the strict food safety protocol and that each of our melons are graded for both consistent size and quality.

Athena Melons, are a type of muskmelon with a longer ripening life and sweeter flavor. This allows the melon to remain firm and sweet for a longer time. If you need to ripen an Athena Melon quicker, place it in a paper bag at room temperature.

Joel Laughlin, Director of Sourcing at Market Fresh Produce, says “The anticipated start date for Athena Melons is still on track for May 5th through May 10th. The volume is expected to hit around May 15th to May 20th. Strong supplies are expected out of Florida through memorial weekend with small fruit starting to pick up this week, so there could be some 150-250ct bins available at the end of that week and through the weekend. The weather will be ideal for growing conditions over the next week in the Florida growing regions”. Market Fresh Produce is prepared for another great Athena Melon season.

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