Steve Phipps

Steve Phipps

Market Fresh Produce was founded in February of 1998. In the early years, the company offered consulting services, brokered products and even opened a regional distribution facility in Kansas City, MO.

Current co-owner Steve Phipps invested in 2005, bringing vision for growth and purpose to MFP. . Steve brought over 28 years of experience in the produce industry to MFP – more than 18 of those years in retail. Steve grew up working with tomatoes. His grandfather was a commercial gardener in Springfield, MO where Steve helped him sterilize soil and grow tomatoes. Steve’s passion for produce did not stop there. He spent over 15 years working for Kroger/Dillon’s, he was the Director of Sales and Marketing for top 10 mushroom producer JM Farms in Miami, OK., he lead the explosive growth of Nation Fresh Tomato Company, and served for CH Robinson Worldwide on their national sales team.

With Steve’s leadership and knowledge, Market Fresh experienced rapid growth and really began to shape into the branded produce marketing company it is today.

Later, in 2013, Market Fresh Produce acquired a tomato re-pack facility in Tampa, FL which was previously named West Central Florida Produce. This acquisition allowed MFP to be tied closer to the ground and gave them the opportunity to expand product offerings at the Florida repack center.   

In 2014, Market Fresh Produce acquired another repacking facility in Monett, MO, formerly Harlin Fruit Company. After an extensive renovation, Market Fresh is able to service Missouri, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Kansas. This acquisition allows Market Fresh to continue its path toward vertical integration and further its 'Field to Fork' strategy.                                                                                                                    

Market Fresh continues to develop comprehensive marketing programs for its retail and food service customers in a manner that drives further sales for those customers. Market Fresh’s core product offerings are sweet potatoes, tomatoes, onions, potatoes, peppers and avocados. Market Fresh has developed a wide-ranging network of supply partners throughout the United States with whom it has worked closely to design and support the Company’s marketing programs.

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