Market Fresh Produce is a global leader in providing sustainable solutions to help retail and food service clients lower cost, lower shrink, improved service levels, focus on taste profiles, focus on product and packaging cosmetics, and focus on shelf life.

Our product is always fresh packed to order for maximum shelf life and to lower shrink. We offer multiple category nationwide promotions and distribution. Food safety and traceability are our priority. Our services include:

  • EDI & ITrade Service
  • VMI Service
  • Year Round Availability
  • Contract Pricing
  • One Call Order Placement
  • Best in Class Customer Service
  • One Call Nationwide Recall

Market Fresh is committed to offering our customers the most innovative, fresh, and consistent fresh produce available in one brand!


Market Fresh Produce understands and values the importance of food safety in today's marketplace. We employ a Food Safety Director to oversee the process, sanitation, traceability, and internal audit of our products.

     Food Safety Director
     Committee & Employee Meetings
     Weekly-Monthly-Quarterly Checklist

    Daily Cleaning
    Scheduled Maintenance and Sanitation Logs

    Primus Certificate

    Julian Dated and Lot Number
    Each Box is Stickered with Traceable Codes after Repacked

Internal Auditing
   Self-Audit Twice/Year
   Once a Year through Third Party
   Once a Year through FDA


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